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The ActiveX Control

The  ActiveX control  requireed to visualize the models is charged automatically, asking the approval of the user for its installation.

Do you need add this site ( to you secure sites, for automatic installation and correct function. Check this tutorial.


Summary of keys

Use of the mouse
{Button 1 + Movement } Orbital movement of the camera
{Alt + Button 1 + Movement} Zoom
{Ctrl + Button 1 + Movement} Movement of the target (' Panning').
{Button 2 + Movement } Orbital movement of the lights.
{A, Z} + Cursor Movement of the observer (' Walk')
{F} Viewing in Flat/Gouraud
{W, S} Viewing in wireframe or Solid.
{D} On/Off selective refinnement.
{+,-} Modify the tolerance required for selective refinnement.
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